Hair Removal


The treatment works by targeting the melanin (pigment) in the hair with the light from the system, and upon absorption the light is converted into heat. This intense heat action breaks down the hair follicle, reducing the opportunity for any re-growth and also changing the entire structure of the follicle itself; overtime altering the density and appearance of the hair until it becomes unnoticeable.

Prior to treatment the area is shaved before a thin layer of protective gel (similar to that used in ultra sound) is applied to maximise absorption.The IPL is run over the area and a succession of light pulses is filtered into the hair follicle. The unique square head technology used in IPL treatments offer precision and accuracy that ensures that any risk of side effects is minimal. Any potentially harmful wave lengths are removed via the Unique Dual Filtering system, meaning that the light used is completely safe and visible.

Number of Hair Removal Treatments

Hair grows in three different cycles and the IPL Permanent Hair Reduction can only successfully treat hair during its growth stage. Therefore it is often necessary to undergo a course of 3-6 treatments ensuring that you leave at least 6-8 weeks between each session initially, and then only repeat as and when the hair returns.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

To ensure that as many hair follicles are targeted as possible it is also important not to undergo any hair removal for at least four weeks before the appointment or during the course of treatment. The same rule applies to any sun treatments, as a tan will raise the pigment level in the skin and have a severe effect on the treatments' success.

Skin type is a fundamental effecting factor in this treatment as due to the high level of pigment in the skin, darker skin tones often experience more pain during treatment, though generally it has been compared to the sensation of a rubber band pinging on your skin.

Treating All Skin and Hair Types

We can offer treatment for all skin types and hair types and with there is little pre and  post-treatment care required.

Pre Treatment Precautions:

It is important that the client avoids the following within a 30days period prior to treatment

  • Do NOT sunbathe
  • Do NOT use sun beds
  • Avoid self tanning products
  • Do NOT have electrolysis
  • Do NOT wax
  • Do NOT pull out hair with tweezers
  • Do NOT thread the hairs
  • Do NOT use depilatory
  • Shave as close to the treatment time as possible

Post Treatment Precautions:

We would advise that the client should do the following for the next 30 days after the IPL treatment:

  • Avoid sun exposure or sun beds
  • Wear at least a sun protection of 30 days when outside
  • The client should avoid the fallowing for the next 48 hours after the treatment
  • No perfumed products or make up
  • No excessive heat e.g.: saunas, steam rooms or hot baths
  • No swimming or gym
  • No touching,picking or scratching the area

PLEASE NOT: Pure Aloe Vera gel must be used for the next 48hours after the treatment if any reaction persists. The Client can shave or exfoliate the area 4 days after the treatment to encourage the hairs to shed.


  • pregnancy and breast feeding
  • severe inflammatory conditions,
  • breaking the cuticle's continuity, chafes, allergic changes
  • adult acne, skin leucopathy, that is to be treated
  • tattoo in the treated area
  • hormonal disorders, leading to the hirsutism or hipertrichosis
  • epilepsy
  • retinoid treatment (derivatives of vitamin A) during last 6 months
  • using medicines and herbs with photo allergy effects (e.g. tetracycline antibiotics, cytostatics, herbs, such as St John's wort or marigold) during last 6 weeks
  • skin hypersensitivity to light (porhyria, polymorphic light typhus, lupus erythematosus, light urticaria)
  • tendency to create discolorations (increased in case of using hormonal medicines, e.g. contraceptives), complex of dysplastic birthmarks
  • herpes (alternatively, on doctor's consent, and in case of using antivirus medicines, e.g. Zovirax)
  • underwent and active skin tumours
  • radiotherapy or chemotherapy during last 3 months
  • active implants, e.g. pacemaker, insulin pump
  • treatment with steroids during last 3 months
  • grey or very light hair with natural dark or very tanned skin


E- Light hair removal is a non-invasive treatment - when performed properly, there were no observed dangerous side effects. Each skin individually reacts to the performed treatment. A natural symptom, appearing after performing, may be a small swelling and/or reddening, which stays for several hours, up to 2 - 3 days. With exceptional hypersensitivity, there may occur and remain scabs and discolorations for several weeks.

Patch Test - £15/ Patch Test for clients with voucher is Free





upper lip £40

Brazilian £110

Full Bikini £140(without G string)

Full Legs* £220 (3 areas)

chin £40

Full face £100

Half legs £140(with knee 2 areas,without 1 area).

Full Arms* £200 (2 areas)

up eyebrow £30

Under arms £80

Brazilian plus under £140 (without G string)


Knee/hands/feet £50

Half arms £90



toes £40

Shoulders £100



nose £50

Bikini Line £80



nipples £40




jaw line £40




Full body: unlimited access 12months card £2.500(can not be use with voucher).

* if you apply for refund, £15 for patch test will be deduct form an amount which been paid to the salon ( this include all deal clients).